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The new ticket office agency 3.0

We allow passengers to buy an airline ticket and check-in directly on Whatsapp. 

Before offering this type of service 24-hour, Wabooking.com is part of L.I.P. srl, a “Trusted e-Residency Company” with legal representation in Milan and based in Estonia, a country known for its transparency and reliability, thanks to its advanced e-governance services and digital business environment.  

The company is certified by the European Union as a trusted and secure company. We are IATA agents and as such we are authorized to issue national and international airline tickets with the best airline companies worldwide. We issue thousand of tickets per day. The issue of the ticket is immediate and arrives directly on the customer’s WhatsApp. It is possible to pay by Credit Card and PayPal, in an absolutely safe way through our encrypted site with maximum safety technology.

Your new travel companion to fly around the world

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The team

Collaboration and passion that transcends borders and defies expectations.

On one side, we have a young Argentinean man, full of boundless energy, creativity, and an unwavering desire to make a difference. On the other side, we have a seasoned Italian entrepreneur, a master of his craft, armed with decades of experience and a profound understanding of the business world.

The idea of this company was born from the mind of the young Matías Nicolás, a passionate traveler.

Andrea Carlo, as an experienced entrepreneur, has given it the final shape it needs to go ahead.

Andrea Carlo Volonteri
CEO & cofounder

Matías Nicolás Delgadillo
COO & cofounder

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