We plan your all inclusive flights is addressed to all those who wish to book a flight in Italy and abroad with the best airline companies worldwide and with 20 to 40% savings on tickets.  

We are an international innovative agency, that offers an easy and affordable ticket purchase. With our complete range of all inclusive services we are committed to provide a full and ongoing support to passengers during their whole trip, from flight booking to boarding. 

Ticket booking and issue

With you can book your flight in an easy and instantaneous way. All you have to do is to send a message to our number with your flight request. In a short time you will receive a quote: in this way you can check, comparing also other portals, that our quote is actually the lowest. 

If you approve our quote, you have just to send us: your name, your surname, a copy of your passport, (also a photo taken directly from Whatsapp) and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. Your payment on the portal is encrypted so as to guarantee your absolute security. Once we have received your payment on our POS, we will immediately issue your ticket. Please, note that any change is subject to standard penalties. 

You can also choose your seat on the plane (window seat, middle row seat, etc.) and we will try to fulfil all your request. On every ticket you can always save between 20% and 40% compared to the rates of big and famous portals

Passenger protection understands the importance of ensuring the tranquillity of passengers. Thus, we offer a passenger protection in real time, in case your flight is cancelled, or you miss your flight connection. Thanks to this service, you can enjoy your worry-free trip also in case of unexpected events, cancelled flights, delays or loss of flight.  

Unlike all the biggest online ticket portals, that do not protect their passenger, because they are lower class tickets, ensures the protection of the passenger on any type of ticket. You loss your flight, and we protect you a second time, issuing a new ticket for your next flight in real time. Everything is done on Whatsapp!  

Support 24/7 call center

All those who buy tickets on internet know it: it is essential to be able to count on an immediate and ongoing support. Many agencies provide some contact telephone numbers, but they are never active 24/7.  

On the contrary, we know how important is to have a dedicate support during your trip. For this reason we put at your disposal a call center active 24 hours a day, every day of the year

It is a unique and personalized service. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to answer to all your questions, providing assistance in case of emergencies, and solving any problems you may have during your trip. 

your ticket on Whatsapp

Forget to receive your ticket by email. We are aware that Whatsapp has become an essential communication tool for many and many people, so we have simplified the process of ticket delivery. Once your purchase is completed, your ticket will be automatically sent to your Whatsapp number. This allows you to automatically access your travel information on your mobile device. 

WE MAKE THE Check-in on request

To make your trip even more comfortable, also offers you a check in on request. Just send us your request on Whatsapp and our team will check –in for you. So you will be free to concentrate on your trip without having to face the queues at the Airport Check in Desk. 

boarding passes on your phone

No more worries about printed or lost boarding passes. will send your boarding passes directly on your phone the day before your flight. This allows you to immediately access to your boarding passes and avoid the hassle of having to print them, or to search them among your personal belongings. 

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